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Concierge Family Services

At Buckley Financial Planning, LLC, we understand that our clients need more than just a cut-and-dry financial planner--which is why Concierge Family Services is a part of our core. We believe it is important to provide you with the assistance required to navigate any financial milestone that may require professional expertise.  Our Concierge Family Services include:

  • Portfolio Management & Investment Services: As outlined in Financial Planning and Wealth Management.
  • Tax-Advisory Services: We coordinate your investments to create tax efficient strategy.  This includes various forms of executive compensation.
  • Reporting & Record Keeping: Our online platform makes running reports and record keeping convenient for clients and we are a go-to for investment forms required by the IRS.
  • Intergenerational Planning: We provide our client's with additional resources for the complex situations that may arise as their parents age.  Buckley Financial Planning also provides long-term family planning for the future as well as basic financial planning for client's children at no additional cost.
  • Estate Planning Coordination & Recommendations: We understand that creating a trust is not the end goal with estate planning and requires assistance--beneficiaries need to be titled correctly and this may become an ever-changing dynamic as your family continues to develop (i.e. children growing up, wealth increases, different needs may arise, etc.).
  • Lifestyle Goals: We help our clients keep their retirement and education goals on target by aiding in cash flow management that will navigate a volatile market. 

We want to maintain an on-going financial partnership with you and your family as you head into the future.  Join us today by visiting the "Where do I Start?" tab and learn what next steps to take in partnering with Buckley Financial Planning.