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At Buckley Financial Planning, LLC, we believe our teamwork approach adds a holistic perspective to all that we do, providing an increased benefit to our clients.  Here is what you can expect by joining in our mission:

  • We value maintaining a diverse team of professionals.  We have a unique combination of experience, technical expertise and youthful energy.  We believe this balance allows us to keep up with the rapid pace of today’s financial market.  Combining 30 years of planning experience along with technical savvy youth makes us an efficient, effective financial partner.
  • We believe in personal contact and attention.  We understand that each client is different and we take time to get to know our clients' goals and needs as well as maintain an on-going client-advisor partnership.
  • We keep our clients informed—both on individual portfolios as well as filtering out the most important happenings in the daily market news flow.  We create and implement a cohesive strategy together for our clients' long term goals and objectives.
  • We have cutting-edge technology.  We believe it is imperative that our clients have the necessary technology that enables them to have a comprehensive view of their assets, held with Buckley Financial Planning and elsewhere, at any moment, from any device.
  • We are fee based advisors.  This simply means we are paid by you only to do our job.  The majority of our business is not commission-based on financial products.  This ensures that we maintain fiduciary responsibilities with only your personal goals and benefit in mind.
  • We believe in supporting our communities.  It is a value to us to be active members and leaders of our community. We also contribute to various charitable organizations.

We have helped many people just like you with similar issues and concerns by specializing in the main areas of: Financial PlanningWealth Management and Concierge Family Services.  You can find more information about our services under the “Our Services” tab.